It's a Party: Our One Year Anniversary by The Editors

One year.  We’re still pinching ourselves.

ARTS.BLACK is a labor of love. We would be lying if we didn’t say how surprised we are by all that we have been able to accomplish in the past 12 months. We have made some mistakes, formed new friendships, and  been the recipients of so much support and kindness and goodwill. Most importantly, we have learned a tremendous amount about ourselves. Rather than write a sappy essay to recap the year, (no one really reads those anyway and we’re taking a break) we’ve decided to use a few of our favorite memes and GIFs to reminisce. Because when we’re not writing, we’re texting back and forth, throwing shade. So, here it is: The ARTS.BLACK One Year Anniversary Recap.




Tryna meet freelance deadlines for major publications after a 12 hour work day like:



When you receive edits back from a new editor and you feel illiterate AF


When you broke AF waiting at the doe ( at the DOE!) for the mailman to deliver that honorarium you sent an invoice for about a month ago


Stuntin’ cause you finally received said honorarium


Taking off from work for an 18 hour trip to the Pérez Art Museum Miami  to see Trina and Jacolby Satterwhite perform like


When artists try to ‘school you' via Instagram but they're really just salty cause you haven’t written about their work


When you wanna dedicate all your time and passion to your entrepreneurial endeavor but you gotta go to your 9-5 cause you need steady income and.. Capitalism


Finding out that your industry idols are fans of your grassroots publication


Glowed up at our first Art Basel Miami like


Nerdin’ out with your partner/co-editor over your favorite art critic's books and #clapbacks


The feeling you get when you realize the work you're doing is important and people praise you for it


Taylor Renee and Jessica Lynne are the founding editors of ARTS. BLACK