2016: A year of ARTS.BLACK in memes and gifs. Happy Anniversary to us!

Tfw you quit your trash full-time job to pursue freelance writing full time...








Sending that eighth “I’m following up on my previously submitted invoice” email like...










But after you get that check you go shopping and request all the extras like..






Full-time freelance writing? Congratulations. You played yourself.











Does anyone actually care about art criticism? We don’t know.









But thank God for Solange, meditation, and sleep.







And of course, Black Art Incubator!





But for real, we couldn’t keep freelancing. We went back to work.  Hey Recess! Hey DIA!







Also, artists, we love you. We are here for your rigorous work. We are here for your creative provocations. We are not here to deal with your baggage.

giphy (5).gif







Nonetheless, it has been a watershed year for us. We are recipients of a matching grant from the Knight Foundation!








Emphasis on *matching.* We still have to raise matching funds, so we’ll be fundraising in 2017 like...






Speaking of the new year, It’s not even 2017 yet and the calendar is already in shambles.

giphy (7).gif









When you worried about the fascist president elect and the inevitable apocalypse but you still got #FlotusGotBars to get you through...







We're thankful for Michelle Obama aka patron saint of Black women (art) critics everywhere.

giphy (8).gif







And last but not least, we’re extremely grateful for the contributors and the allies of ARTS.BLACK. Thank you for trusting us and supporting our baby these past two years!







-- Jess & Tay